Your Comprehensive Guide to the Different Telecoms Providers in the UK

Any business endeavour takes a good degree of special planning and consideration. As a business owner, one of the foremost things you should take care of is your telecommunications needs. In the UK, there are a host of telecoms providers for any business owner to choose from, which can lead to a bit of confusion as the choices can be overwhelming.


That is why we have come up with a list of telecoms providers in the UK and what they are known to offer. This way, you can compare their different services and see which of these services might be most suitable for your needs.


British Telecom


Unarguably the most popular telecoms provider, BT has been servicing homes and business for many years. The company offers a plethora of services, which include broadband, digital TV, and telephone. BT has been labelled the largest broadband provider in the UK, and for good reason. It offers inclusive unlimited Wi-Fi as a basic plan, and a plan with free unlimited UK calls and unlimited broadband for £16 a month. Customers can also choose to add digital TV services starting from £5 each month. BT’s Total Broadband package gives customers up to 16Mb of download speeds.




Tesco Broadband services give customers up to 14Mb of broadband speeds. In addition, broadband and phone packages can be bundled, or customers can choose to avail of them separately. Tesco also offers inclusive packages for landlines.


Virgin Media


Virgin Media is known to offer broadband speeds of up to 120Mb with its fibre-optic connections. This is combined with a wide selection of packages, which include both TV and telephone. Virgin Media also offers TiVo, the digital TV recorder programme.




TalkTalk is a provider which began offering what is known as “free broadband,” simply because the rates for broadband services from the company are quite low, starting at only £2.50 each month. Customers choosing TalkTalk can also opt to bundle their telephone, broadband, line rental, and TV into one package.


3 Mobile


3 Mobile is another company which allows its customers to surf the Internet, even whilst they’re on the go. The provider offers speeds of up to 7.2Mbps through its mobile broadband network, and customers can select either a pay-as-you-go service or a monthly service for mobile broadband.




Vodafone is another telecoms provider which offers a broad range of packages. Customers of this provider can expect broadband speeds from 1.8Mbps to 21Mbps. For business owners who depend on their mobiles a lot for their communication needs, Vodafone offers free USB modems.


There are plenty of telecommunications providers in the UK alone, and these are just some of the most popular ones. In choosing a telecoms provider for your business, you must first determine if their service is available in your area. You can find out if British Telecom’s services are available to you, for instance, by giving them a ring through the BT customer services phone number. Once you get in touch with a representative, you can also address any other questions or concerns you may have.


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