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Winter Fashion for Men: The Perfect Xmas Gifts

Are you still undecided by what to get your man this Christmas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Christmas is the perfect time for everyone to upgrade their wardrobe and this year there really are some amazing trends available. So, whether your partner is a keen fashionista or a ‘that’ll do’ man there’s an option for him. Here are some of the very best trends available on the high street:

The Return of the Knitted Jumper

The knitted, thick woollen jumper appears set to return to the high street this winter. Woollen jumpers were in vogue at the back end of last year and it looks as though this trend is about to return once more.

There are a variety of different types available and these range from a conservative navy cable knit option to an outlandish orange patterned effect, so there’s definitely a style to suit you man.

The Stylish, Sophisticated Blazer

Smart looks set to become highly fashionable this winter and blazers will continue to dominate. Much like with the jumpers, thick, woollen blazers look set to be popular and tweed is available widely for men with a sense of adventure.

Blazers match perfectly with both t-shirts and shirts and their utility makes them a popular choice. Increasingly, we have seen even so called ‘fashion blind’ men adopt a blazer and, although it is unlikely that they will wear it down the pub with the lads, it is the perfect item for a nice meal out with the family.

Out with the Dark Denim, in with the Light Chino

Winter traditionally hosts incredibly dull and dark colours but, this year; it appears as though this will not be the case. Although winter will not host the bold and vibrant yellow, green and red trousers that became almost ubiquitous in summer, this winter will still be noticeably lighter than normal.

Light greys look set to be popular, but stone and beige chinos look like they’ll be everywhere this winter. As always, jeans will still be fashionable, so a mixture of both dark jeans and light chinos appears set to be a winning combination.


So, there you have it, three top trends for winter 2013/14. All of these trends are widely available on the high street but, if you don’t want to leave the house, they’re also available online from Designerwear.

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