Have you gone through the rigorous process of getting rid of stubborn fat without getting any positive result? Have you tried all kind of balanced diet just to ensure that you get rid of that stubborn fat in your abdomen, thigh, back or flanks? Then this article is a must-read for you because it explains in detail how you can easily get rid of that stubborn fat using the Sculpsure Laser Lipo

Sculpsure Laser Lipo is a world-first FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring laser treatment that takes not more than 30 minutes in reducing all stubborn fats in specific parts of your body. It is a technology controlled light-based treatment that is perfect for anyone trying to get rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen, thighs, back or flanks.

The technology selectively targets and destroy fats cells safely in 25 minutes without affecting any part of the skin. It also does not have any side effect; positive results can be seen as early as six weeks after the treatment. Sculpsure Laser Lipo treatment is easily tolerated by all patients and less expensive. The process is also short; each round lasts for less than 25 minutes.

How it works

If you are interested in undergoing this simple, non-surgical treatment, the first step is to schedule a meeting with a consultant to find out if you are eligible for Sculpsure Laser Lipo, during the consultations, you can ask questions and learn more about the treatment.

Sculpsure Laser Lipo treatments are quick and do not take time; the machine operates in each area of the body for just 25 minutes. The treatment provider commences by placing the sculpture laser heads, on the treatment area maybe your thigh, abdomen, flank or back.

It is natural for the person to feel a cold sensation while the treatment is ongoing, this helps in keeping the skin comfortable and relaxed.  The cooling sensation can be felt throughout the whole treatment while the laser pulsates;  raising the temperature of the fat cells. Sometimes, most patients feel a warmth and burning sensation during the treatment; this has no adverse effect because it is well-tolerated. After the treatment, patients are free to go back to their various works immediately.

Apart from permanently destroying the fat cell, the treatment can also result to skin tightening in the treated areas. After treatment, it is also recommended that patients stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water for three days. Patients are also required to massage the treated areas three to four times daily adequately, rubbing the treated area helps in minimizing the chances of lumps or bumps developing on the treated area. Treatment can be repeated after four weeks.


We use our state of the art laser technology to make the treatment process straightforward and pain-free. We also ensure you remain beautiful and always in shape. If you are interested in speaking with any of our consultants today, kindly contact us online.

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