Orthodontic treatment during pregnancy

For most women, pregnancy is a long-awaited exciting period, during which their body is undergoing significant physiological changes, which ensure the proper development of the fetus and prepare the body to the upcoming birth and breastfeeding. During these difficult months, the load on all the organs and systems of the pregnant women’s body increases several times, and can cause different problems. So, can pregnant women try to cope with health problems such as malocclusion or crooked teeth? Most orthodontists give an affirmative answer to this question.

1A few decades ago, orthodontists considered installing braces during pregnancy not the best idea, and when the woman founded out that she was pregnant, even already installed bracket system was immediately removed from the teeth. There were suggestions that braces can cause destruction of the enamel, which is already becoming brittle during pregnancy. However, thanks to long lasting researches, these facts were not confirmed, but disproved. With proper calcium therapy and balanced diet pregnant women can easily achieve and maintain a stable amount of calcium in the body. This means that braces can do no harm to the pregnant woman’s teeth.

Progress does not stand still. Most dentists are convinced that there are no contraindications for orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. All contemporary braces are made of special materials which do not destroy the enamel and are designed to maintain the physiological and structural integrity of the tooth. But there is one must: future mothers must regularly visit the orthodontist and be sure to carry out all his recommendations. Pregnant women in Saint Paul, Minnesota can find dental specialists at this website.

Each woman dreams about a beautiful, snow-white smile and pregnant woman is not an exception. What woman does not want to be attractive to her husband and child? Many people know that today it is possible to straighten teeth not only in childhood and adolescence, but also in adulthood, and lot of them try not to miss this opportunity. However, correction of malocclusion takes much time, requires thorough oral care, and frequent visits to the orthodontist. It is not always easy for working woman to find time for this treatment, while most pregnant women’s lives become less busy, and they rarely appear in public. This means that the braces will bring less psychological discomfort and bite alignment process will be more successful. So, many of these women cherish the dream about their returning back to work after the maternity leave not only in the new status of mother, but also with luxury and beauty smile.

UntitledBefore starting alignment of the teeth, every orthodontist’s patient must pass at least a minimal dental treatment: filling, and sometimes the removal of teeth. Also, braces can’t be established without radiographs. These are X-ray pictures that give detailed information about existing cavities, give the orthodontist the possibility to evaluate the overall condition of the tooth and surrounding bone tissues, and observe the state of the jawbone. All these researches and dental treatment must be carried out before pregnancy.

While wearing braces, women need to strictly observe good oral hygiene in order to avoid the occurrence of any disease of the teeth and gums, because, as it was already mentioned, dental treatment during pregnancy, especially with braces, can become very difficult.

Of course, all pregnant women have to take into account that braces may give a feeling of discomfort and pain. The way to a new smile has never been easy, and even the most modern bracket system cannot guarantee a painless treatment. A pregnant woman should be prepared for the increased load on the body, not only in terms of carrying a child, but also in terms of the alignment of the teeth.

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