Helping You Choose the Best European River Cruise

Usually, when you travel along one of many of Europe’s rivers, you won’t have to spend any time at sea. This is one of the attractions of river cruises, because it means that you don’t have to worry about getting seasick. Traveling on a river cruise is a great way to see a lot of Europe in a more convenient and affordable way than if you were to travel on land. You will be able to stop for sightseeing in many different locations, so you really get to go on an adventure.

It is impossible to tell you which itinerary on the many Viking River Tours on offer is the best. That is, after all, down to your personal preference. However, there are a few things that you should look for and follow.

How to Choose a European River Cruise

Most of the times, a river cruise lasts a week. However, some tours can take two weeks. If you were to go outside of Europe, they can last even longer. Most of the time, you will start your trip with an overnight stay in a major city, either on board your cruise ship, or in a hotel. The fares will often include daily excursions as well, although you may also be able to upgrade these.

The prices will vary depending on which trip you book, how long you go and what amenities you are looking for. Usually, all cabins have a river view, but there are also some more luxurious cabins with more space and other features. Furthermore, you may have to pay for certain meals and entertainment packages on board the ship as well, such as special drinks, spa treatments or nights in the casino.

In almost all cases, if you have to travel between the port and the city, transportation will be included in the package. However, if you want to go outside of the city to which your operator takes you, or if you otherwise want to go off the beaten track, then you will have to pay for that yourself. Luckily, most of Europe now uses the same currency, so you don’t have to worry about currency exchanges at every stop.

You do also have to take the weather into consideration. Not all of Europe experiences year round sunshine. In fact, between October and April, rainfall and frost is very common. Sometimes, it rains so much that certain rivers become impassable. This is also because many of the bridges on the rivers are very low, which means boats can no longer pass under them if the river level rises. However, this is something you can discuss with your tour operator. Some, for instance, will simply not operate during periods of heavy rain.

Finally, pack light if you can so you don’t clutter your cabin with stuff. Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight, which is standard travelers’ common sense. Finally, don’t forget to have a fantastic time and to build lasting memories.

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