Do You Legally Want to Watch Movies for Free Online? Here’s How!

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier for media to be delivered in a convenient manner. This began with music, but it now includes feature length films and TV shows. Most of us have heard of the Napster scandal, where people unknowingly watched movies illegally. So is there a way to watch movies online without breaking the law?

The legality is indeed the big question. Most of us don’t want to break the law, but it is often very difficult to know whether you are doing something illegally or not. The reality is that it is pretty much impossible to watch a movie that has only just been released in the theaters for free online. If you see a site that proclaims you can do that, you will have stumbled on a type of Napster copycat. However, that is not to say you can’t enjoy movies and TV shows for free, online, legally.

Public Domain Torrents

Torrents are basically files of books, movies, music and more. A lot of torrents have illegal content in them, including handy cam shots of movies in the theater (the ones where you see people’s heads and where you hear the rustling of popcorn). However, there are also legal torrents around. What you need to look for is public domain. Once a movie or other file reaches a certain age, its copyright expires. At that point, you are able to watch it for free, completely legally. You can download it and share it and never break the law. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to watch the latest shows and movies, but we had already established that.


Then, there is YouTube. YouTube makes its money through advertisements. They are also pretty much on the ball when it comes to legality. So, while people will sometimes try to upload illegal copies of new movies, they will almost instantly be removed. There are plenty of movies on there, however, that are completely legal. Many of those films have never been released in the theaters, but that doesn’t make them any less good.

Channel B

Then, there is Channel B. This is a new service that has recently purchased the rights to a huge variety of movies and shows. Being a start-up company, they are currently mainly offering older films, having a very specific audience. However, this can change at any point, as the company is looking at buying the rights to newer films and shows as well. The way it works is that you can watch movies online free at, with advertisements. If you don’t want to see the advertisements, then you can pay for a subscription that will remove all of them.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do if you want to watch movies and shows for free without leaving your house and without breaking the law. You just have to be realistic in as such that you won’t be able to watch the latest blockbuster.

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