Beneath the surface – Secrets of a Nursing Home

Nursing home

Nursing homes represent a particularly tricky part of life. Elder care is important as with life becoming one where ambition is what they go after and taking care of their elders is not something they don’t want to do, but something they cannot effectively do without letting someone down. Placing an elder in a nursing home is a big decision and here are a few secrets into figuring out good nursing homes, where elder care lawyers do not have to get involved to deal with the neglect that is sometimes dealt to elders.

Take the tour on a Saturday, after dinner has been served. During this time, there will be no marketing agents there who give a nice sugar coated tour of the facility and a more realistic picture of the nursing can be achieved by talking to the staff and the family members of the people already residing there.

There is also an alarming truth in the fact that the employees who work in nursing homes are extremely underpaid with average wages being around $8.50 an hour. They often receive Medicaid for their own health care and work two jobs, making them over-worked and tired and at risk to fail in providing the best service.

If you walk into a nursing home and smell urine, you know that it’s a bad choice, but so are those nursing homes which smell overly of pine cleaner and disinfectant. Be suspicious about what odors and smells the pine cleaner is trying to hide. The nursing home should smell neutral.

There is also a policy in many nursing homes to not replace a nurse or an employee who calls in sick for that shift. Staffing is very essential in elder care, especially in elders who suffer from dementia or other such problems. A nurse falling ill can mean that the nursing home is understaffed, making nursing home neglect a real possibility.

Federal law requires that certified nursing assistants be given seventy five hours of training with some states requiring more training. To put it into perspective, dog trainers and nail experts receive more training. Be on guard to see how efficient the staff on the premises are.

Hospitals generally prescribe that the patient has twenty-four to forty eight hours to find a suitable nursing home and leave the hospital. This is false as they have to give you ample time for you to make agreeable arrangements. Hospitals are paid flat fees. Therefore, they’re expenses are the same, regardless of the patient staying two days or four. Do not worry about the hospital, take time in seeking out a pleasant location for your elder.

Non-profit and government run nursing homes are better bets, as they generally have better staff than profit motive organizations. Non-profit workers are there because they have the desire to help the elder community, making them an invaluable asset in elder care. Government run organizations need to maintain standards in order to continue to receive funding making them more efficient and more reliable than profit motive organizations.

Nursing homes are all rosy on the exterior with their advertised utopias but ask elder care lawyers and they reveal a world of nursing home neglect and abuse. A good nursing home is one with well trained staff and a healthy staff to resident ratio at all hours with the staff being comprised of adequately trained nurses and certified nursing assistants.


Rich is an attorney with a passion for helping out the elder community. Being very close to his grandmother during her last days, Rich was exposed to the difficulties faced by the elder community and also witnessed the uglier side when nursing home neglect lawyer and elder care and often had him alongside fellow lawyers fighting for elder rights.

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