What are the Risks of Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Millions of people get laser hair removal treatments every year, looking for a quick and pain-free option for hair removal. And for many of these people, laser hair removal is indeed a convenient quick-fix. But it is important to realise that there are risks associated with the procedure. After all, it is a procedure involving lasers, which do have the potential to cause damage. From a legal perspective, problems involving laser hair treatment can result in a claim for compensation. Discover more about laser hair removal risks, and when it could be time to make a claim.

Normal Side Effects and Results of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When you get laser hair removal treatment you will be told that there are minor effects which you could experience, and that these are normal for the procedure. It is unlikely that you would be able to claim compensation if you suffered one of these effects, provided that the beautician carried out the procedure safely and informed you of the risks beforehand.

Normal side effects include small amounts of swelling around treated area that could last for three days or more. Minor pain or numbness in the treated area, or itching and redness in the surrounding area. Redness is a particularly common side effect and most people who have laser hair removal experience this. It is a good idea not to plan a night out for immediately after laser hair removal.

Temporary Side Effects

There are also some side effects that can last for a few weeks, in some cases. These include extended periods of swelling in the treated area, redness, skin blistering, and skin pigmentation. These side effects that last longer are mainly seen in people who have multiple laser hair removal treatments.

Serious Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

There are other risks associated with laser hair removal that could result in a claim for negligence. This is because, in normal circumstances, these risks should not take place considering that the therapist is carrying out the procedure with a reasonable level of skill and care. These serious side effects could cause long term damage and should be treated seriously.

For example, a laser burn can be a very serious occurrence. It is rare that the skin gets burned, but if it does it can cause permanent scarring and even be a danger to life. Other risks that could lead to a claim for compensation include serious scarring, hyperpigmentation, eye injuries, and infection.


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