Top Websites of 2013

In the never-ending world of the internet, it is almost impossible to create an accurate review of the best websites from the past year. Just like anything else, the online world is all about personal choice. However, the sites listed below have all made great strides during 2013 in a variety of areas, providing something fresh and new to the internet.

  • Narratively

The brilliant thing about Narratively is that in an online world of fast, direct and breaking news, this is all about avoiding the big headlines with a mission to “slow down the news cycle.” It’s a kind of online counter-culture on the internet. The whole point of the site is to draw attention to untold stories in a manner which allows for in-depth and expert reporting. There is a chosen theme each week and every day another article on the theme of choice is uploaded. The quality of writing is top notch and it’s a fascinating read.

  • Quartz

This is a business news site with a difference. You won’t just get the headlines on the markets and latest financial rumblings when you visit Quartz. The site takes big picture issues and analyzes them superbly with really skilled writing. From the economic usefulness of lasers to the financial issues involved in refrigerators, Quartz will make the business mind tick in a way that most business news sites fail to do. It is also an excellent platform for mobile devices and tablets.

  • Upworthy

Upworthy has rapidly become the king of content sharing. Not only because it has an easy platform to use, but primarily because the content that it highlights is just so fascinating. Most of the clips that you find at Upworthy are not simply entertainment, but make a broader point about life, morals, the universe and everything! Explore the categories on offer and you will likely be coming back for a regular slice of inspiration in your chosen field.

  • Betsafe

The online casino world is constantly evolving and innovating to make the betting experience more fun and safer for users. None more so than Betsafe livebets where you can bet on a multitude of sporting events as they unfold. Usually sports betting means making a decision on your chosen wager well in advance of the chosen race or fixture. But with Betsafe, you can watch the odds fluctuate as the event progresses, adding a whole new dynamic dimension to the sports betting experience.

  • Chartgirl

Where do you begin with this one? Essentially, this is a single website mission to display all manner of interesting topics in the form of an illustrative chart. So, if you want to know who recently made money on the Twitter IPO, you can check out Chartgirl and see for yourself at a glance. For an exhaustive history of New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez’s numerous offences, Chartgirl has sketched it all out into an easy to use chart. It’s a very novel and entertaining site.

  • 5-Second Films

If you ever wanted to animate the random thoughts which pop into your head during the day, then this is the site for you. Five seconds may not sound like enough time to communicate a thought or idea, but the 5-Second Films team have perfected the art. It’s is a stream of daydreams, but thoroughly addictive. Just try to make sure that a five second film doesn’t turn into a two hour session on the site.


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