Three Tips to Make Christmas Easier

We all love the cheer of the Christmas holiday season, but we dread other sides to it. If you are one of those people who feel like they need to prepare for a grueling test every time the holidays roll around, I might just be able to help. That is because there are three things every Christmas time that people know they need to do, but hate to do. I am here to tell you how to avoid them and still have a great Christmas. Ready? Here are my three tips on what you can change this Christmas to make these three hardest tasks a snap and still feel like you have kept the holiday spirit alive.

How to Avoid the Christmas Crowds

Every year you swear you will avoid the malls and every year you find yourself stuck in them. They mess up your mood; give you sore feet and in the end you never seem to find the right present anyways. So here is what you need to do now, before it gets any later. Make a list of everyone you want to buy a gift for and next to it right down a word or phrase that either describes them or something they are passionate about. For instance, my sister got into real estate this year so I wrote down the word “houses”. Now go on Etsy and put that word in for each person. I guarantee you will find a delightful handmade gift for everyone on your list, and you didn’t have to face the mall.

How to Give Up Sending Christmas Cards Out

I can remember the first time I had my own business and my husband and I would sign and mail over 200 Christmas cards each year. But with today’s modern technology, we simply wish people a Merry Christmas on Facebook. However, it is still much nicer to get a Christmas card, but now you can do it with just the click of a button when you use free Christmas card templates online. Just pick out the design you like, add whatever special message you want, and download. Now you have a great looking individual card you can attach to an email and send out to your list of friends. What used to take hours between shopping for cards, signing them and then mailing them out, now takes only half an hour tops!

How to Stop Buying Live Trees

Yes, I know that many people still love the smell of a live Christmas tree, but face it we all know that chopping down a living tree just for that is not the real spirit of Christmas. Years ago I made the decision to invest in a nice artificial tree, and I don’t regret it. Mine is actually red tinsel, and I love that it doesn’t look real in the least. To get that “Christmas Tree Smell” in the house, I walk to a nearby park when they are trimming the trees and pick up a few fallen branches. A good winter storm should net you plenty, and no trees are killed in the process. Now isn’t that a nice way to spend your holiday!

So take these tips to heart, and learn to once again enjoy the holiday season. Spend time with friends, do art with your kids or just walk in the winter wonderland. That is the true spirit of Christmas!

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