Online vs. the high street – which option is best for selling a Rolex watch?

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When wanting to sell a Rolex watch, its owner might not know where they can do so. As a Rolex watch is a sought after asset, it is vital that all options are considered before making a final decision on what to choose. Many Rolex watch owners prefer to sell their model online whereas others have chosen a shop that is on a high street, such as a jeweller or a pawn shop. So, which option is the most appropriate?

Items are sold securely online

Taking a Rolex watch from one jeweller to another can be nerve wracking, especially as it could be stolen. When a Rolex watch is stolen, its former owner won’t get any money back unless it is insured. The same also applies to the money that the former owner of a Rolex watch receives. Unless they are paid with a cheque, they will be carrying a huge wad of cash. By selling a watch to a website that buys Rolexes, money can be transferred securely into a bank account. As a secure payment gateway system is used to transfer money, bank details won’t be accessed by a third party, such as a hacker. If the owner of a Rolex watch has any concerns regarding how safe it is to transfer money, they needn’t be worried because their bank details will be secure.

Payment is done quickly online

When a watch is sold to a pawn shop that is on a high street, a cheque is usually given which does take five working days to clear. When a Rolex watch is sold online to a website that issues quotes, its former owner won’t have to wait a long time for money to arrive because it is usually transferred into a bank account on the same working day. If cash is needed immediately, choosing the internet is far more convenient because thousands of pounds can be acquired just hours after a quote is issued.

Several quotes can be found

Multiple quotes can be obtained by choosing either online or a shop that’s situated on a high street. As a quote which is given by a website that specialises in buying Rolex watches doesn’t have to be accepted, another website can be approached. However, choosing a website that issues quotes is a safer option because a Rolex watch is sent in a valuation pack that is insured for thousands of pounds. When a particularly valuable Rolex watch is being sold, choosing the internet offers peace of mind.

Testimonials from former customers can be read on the internet

By deciding to sell a Rolex watch online, testimonials from former customers that have done the same can be read. As many former owners have shared their experiences, the right website can be picked. Although such feedback isn’t usually available for jewellers and pawn shops that are situated on a high street, choosing a website that issues quotes is far more convenient, especially as many comments for several websites can be read.

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