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Not to Fear: Your Redesign Is Near

Humans are creatures of habit. It’s normal for us to fall into a routine and resist change. When it comes to managing your business’s website, however, change in the way of an update or complete overhaul can be a very good thing. With the right design team at the helm, regular redesigns will keep your website relevant and productive no matter how far technology advances.


Keeping Up With the Times


Technology is a fickle beast and styles change. It is vital for any business to keep up with tech-savvy consumers by being completely accessible from any technological medium. In addition, what was technologically advanced and in style even two years ago may look outdated today and in the near future. A website redesign or evaluation no less than once a year is ideal to ensure the site’s layout and functions are current and working to your advantage. In our opinion, a substantial design update should occur at least every three years.


Why Do Redesigns Matter?


A redesign lets the world know your business is still here, functioning, and relevant. It demonstrates your flexibility and desire to meet consumer wants and needs, even as they change. Dated layouts and functions not only appear inane after a while, but they can quickly become downright annoying to a casual navigator. A redesign is vital to keeping current customers while attracting new ones as well.


The Process


Although some companies might have different approaches, the redesign process is fairly straightforward. Here is what you can expect:


  1. Go over the existing site and determine what is and isn’t working.
  2. Plan and Form Ideas. Research competitor sites and plan out what the new site should look like and do.
  3. Organize Content. Group content together logically and decide where it will go on the site.
  4. Create a Prototype. Make a working site and test it out, and make sure to get some outside opinions on it as well.
  5. Test & Implement. After testing the design and working out any kinks, launch the new site.


Best Web Design Practices to Keep in Mind


Whenever you tackle your redesign, keep in mind these essential elements:


  • A compelling layout is vital
  • Balance the use of multimedia, graphics, and color
  • Organize the content
  • Make navigation easy
  • Ensure it functions properly and provides a positive user experience


Humans may be creatures of habit, but change and adaptation are necessary for a successful online business. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, we recommend redesigning your website every one to three years by a professional web design company. Some of our favorite firms include Razorfrog, Lounge Lizard, and Big Drop. A website redesign is a smart move that will help your business remain successful and relevant in today’s online marketplace.


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