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Making Retail Displays Old-School – Pick and Mix Stands

Whether customers are buying from pick and mix stands for the nostalgia value, or simply to be able to purchase a wider choice of confectionery, the visual appeal of being able to see brightly coloured sweets clearly is a huge incentive to purchase. The demand for self-service sweets and other loose snacks remains high, and whether you’re a dedicated confectionery retailer, or stock sweets and snack goods alongside other lines, high-quality acrylic units are essential to allow your product lines to sell themselves.

Single dispensers, as well as being useful for retail use, are ideal for the hotel and hospitality industry. Keeping food fresh and hygienic, acrylic pick and mix stands are an excellent alternative to open units. Single units, both gravity dispensers and stackable units, aren’t just useful for catering or food retail; small goods can be displayed at point of sale, therefore encouraging impulse buys at the till. Round counter display units are particularly effective for small cosmetic items in beauty and hair salons, for example.

If you’re planning retail lines that could benefit from pick and mix stand style display, it’s worth looking at purchasing a complete unit – stand and dispensers – to maximise savings, and make sure that you have everything you need to serve your customers straight away. Don’t forget accessories; scoops, acrylic and metal tongs, and bag holders are all essential additions to a pick and mix stand display unit, keeping goods clean, and free from contamination.

Acrylic dispensers and display units are particularly hard-wearing, as well as being cost-effective, and a convenient way to present goods for sale. Easy to keep clean, a quick wipe down will suffice, and ensure that items remain appealing to the customer.

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