How to Enrich Your Life and Your CV

For most people, getting a job in their chosen field can be tricky. Whatever your career path, it can often seem like there are just not enough jobs to supply the demand.

To make sure that you’re the one who gets that all-important start on the career ladder, you need to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd. And volunteering is a great way to achieve this.

Not only does volunteer work look great on a CV, placements are available in a wide variety of fields, giving you the opportunity to get some hands on experience in your chosen vocation at the same time as helping others.


Teaching has always been a popular career choice, and, offering a certain amount of job security and great holidays, you can see why.

However teacher-training places are limited, and getting a spot can be tricky. Working as a volunteer teacher is therefore a great way to get some classroom experience to give you an all-important edge when it comes to that interview.

Volunteering as a job can be very rewarding

Volunteering as a job can be very rewarding

Pretty much every developing country in the world is in need of volunteer teachers. Take for example English jobs in Ghana. These are always in demand, so if you’re a native speaker, it should be fairly easy for you to find a placement. 

Ideally you should be able to stay for at least a term in order to give your pupils a bit of consistency, but shorter placements are available. 


Careers in conservation are incredibly popular. The idea of getting paid to work in unique eco systems or with endangered species is very tempting, and offers an exciting alternative to working a normal nine to five job.

If you already know which area of conservation you want to work in, directing your volunteer applications to this sector is obviously a good idea. But if you still haven’t made up your mind, taking a few months to work in different fields could help.

In Central America, various placements are on offer monitoring marine life and local habitats. Or in Africa you can experience what it is like to work with big game animals such as lions and elephants.

If its unique ecosystems you’re interested in, they don’t come much more unique that the Amazon rainforest. Programs here include studying plant life and how local peoples are adapting to the changes of the modern world.

There are great opportunities to volunteer in conservation

There are great opportunities to volunteer in conservation


The media is a notoriously hard field to break into, with many people working for years just to get that first story, photo, or film published. Although there are no quick fixes, having some experience on your CV will make a world of difference.

When it comes to media and volunteering, there are two main ways to go about it. You can either find a placement where you’ll be working with local media, getting direct experience, or you can take a placement in any country and go looking for a story of your own.

Placements working in media could be anything from helping an organization with their website, press releases and marketing, to working for a local paper. Any way that you can get involved will make a big difference to your CV.

If you are self-motivated, then any country you volunteer in has potential. By photographing, filming and interviewing throughout your placement you can build-up resources and stories to use when you get back home. 

Sustainable living

Sustainable living projects are often in the news these days. And it’s a sector that is likely to grow massively in the future.

Get your foot in the door early by visiting some of the sustainable development projects around the world. Pick up tips and learn how different cultures deal with the question of sustainability.

In more remote communities, sustainability is the only option as services and amenities are often a long distance away. By living and working in these communities, you not only learn their techniques, but also get first hand experience of what it is like to live sustainably.

Taking some time out to volunteer in another country will undoubtedly enrich your life and the lives of those you’re helping. By giving just a few weeks or months to worthwhile projects, you can make a world of difference. And it could give you a big boost when you decide to take your first steps on the career ladder.




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