Hand Injuries: Don’t Let the Names Fool You

What are hand injuries? Well actually, hand injuries can impact the hand as well as the wrist, elbow and fingers. Some of these injuries can be so severe that only surgery will find you relief. Just remember, do not get too caught up in the name of the hand injury as they are not always what they seem. If you are experiencing hand, wrist, elbow or finger pain, you should always consult with the best hand surgeon in Mesa for treatment options.


Hand Injuries


Tennis elbow is one of those injuries where the name can fool you. Even though many tennis players do experience tennis elbow because of the repetitive use of their elbow, this injury can occur in anyone, not just tennis players. Tennis elbow is a painful condition that occurs when the tendons that are attached to the bone on the outside of the elbow becomes inflamed. The forearms can become damaged overtime if you are repeating the same motion over and over again. Symptoms of tennis elbow includes pain or burning on the outside of the elbow, a weak grip or tenderness on the outside of the elbow.


Golfers elbow is another injury that many people get confused about. Just like with tennis elbow, golfers elbow doesn’t just affect golfers, even though golfers are known to experience it. This is just like tennis elbow, only the issue is on the inside of the elbow. So the tendon attached to the inside of the elbow becomes inflamed. This is also caused by repetitive use. Symptoms could include a stiff elbow or a weak grip.


Trigger finger is an injury that sort of represents its name, but is also often misunderstood. Many who experience trigger finger need trigger finger surgery Phoenix. Trigger finger is a painful condition that impacts the finger and occurs when the finger gets stuck in a bent position before snapping straight. Symptoms include soreness at the base of the finger and clicking or snapping of the finger.


Exceptional Treatment


Dr. Fitzmaurice at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute is double board certified and provides optimal care and results to all patients. The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute offers same day surgery with onsite diagnostics, using only state of the art techniques and equipment. Developed in Arizona, Dr. Fitzmaurice is the man behind the Endotech Nerve Release System. This minimally invasive hand surgery gives the surgeon the best visualization and clarity, making it the safest approach, leaving the patient with less pain and less scarring. Plus, the Endotech Nerve Release System only requires 1 to 2 small incisions, with a bandaid as the only bandage needed. Patients are known to see results and relief right away, with recovery time expected to last just one week. Regular surgery usually leaves a much larger incision and most people take 6-8 weeks to recover. Also, with a normal hand surgery approach, 57 percent of patients usually see their pain reoccur.


On top of the extraordinary techniques used at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, the entire staff also offers exceptional customer service and patient care.




Hand injuries can happen at any time of day or night. Dr. Fitzmaurice offers the Hand & Wrist Urgent Care for anyone experiencing a hand emergency Scottsdale. Just like at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, patients will receive exceptional patient care. The Hand & Wrist Urgent Care also has onsite diagnostics and same day surgery. It is easy to schedule or walk-in and most insurances are accepted. To find treatment and relief right away, the Hand & Wrist Urgent Care will deliver optimal care at any hour of the day or night.


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