Christmas Gifts: Are Video Games a Good Choice?

Christmas time is almost near! One of the things on the list is of course our gifts for your children and everyone that is dear to us. The question, however, goes like “Christmas Gifts: Are Video Games a Good Choice?” The answer of course is yes. There are several games that had been developed nowadays and practically everyone is exposed to playing video games now.

While almost everyone holds a handheld or used a PC at least, there are simple video games that are seen almost on a daily basis. Some people have consoles and handheld gaming devices such as PSP and Nintendo DS to name a few. But because of the so called psychological researches about the effects of video games to an individual, some people are having second thoughts.

The truth is, there a million of variety of games to choose from. If you believe you do not want to give someone, particularly a young person a violent game, then there are lots of other choices.

Find the Perfect Video games as a Gift for Kids

Some people say that the ‘gift of imagination’ is one of the greatest gifts we can give a kid. So, if you are planning to give some young ones a game, find one that will encourage creativity in them. Game developers have been making more and more games that fit to this description. Some are even educational while some would invite young ones to participate in solving simple puzzles.

Keep in mind that, just like any other gifts such as toys, carefully choose the type of video game you will give as a gift to a child will make a big a big difference. In other related psychological studies, exposing kids to thought-provoking activities, in fact, help them improve their intuitive, calculations and other aspects of developing their minds. And some video games actually have some features that allow kids to be more exposed to thought-provoking games.

gift video games

Some examples of these games are the ones that require:

  • matching of colors or figures
  • number patterns
  • figure patterns
  • reaction patterns

Find the Perfect Video games as a Gift for Adults

There would be about five times as many games that you can choose from for finding a video game for an adult. Here there are fewer restrictions, aside from what you prefer to give as a gift. If you still want to steer clear of violence-related games, then it is fine. What can make it easy or difficult however is finding out what he or she likes in a game. While this can be done easily by just browsing a list of the games they have in their collection, or you can just simply ask them randomly about a game they want to have. You would be surprise about how some would give answers like an old video game that they haven’t played in a while. Some video game stores provide such old games while some do not. It is a matter of knowing where to find it.

Checking Feedbacks and Forums for Additional Info

Whether you are looking to give the video game as a gift for a young kid or an adult, going to forums might be one of the best steps you will have to do in the process.

  • Check the feedback on kid’s games. The beauty of video games as a gift is, there are already a lot of reviews about majority of the games. Just by typing the name of the game in the search engine, there will be a long list of reviews and there will be recommendations for alternatives should you change your mind.
  • Old games. In cases where you cannot find the old / vintage game that you plan to give as a gift, the next bet would be to check the online stores. Make sure that these online stores are legitimate first, so you can get the money’s worth for sure.

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