6 Incredible App Ideas That Will Boost Your Company’s Revenue

It’s no secret that businesses can improve their revenue in thousands of different ways. Today, one innovative and unique way is through a mobile app, believe it or not. Billions of us around the world use smartphones on a regular basis. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to target consumers through their mobiles.

Of course, the idea might sound brilliant in theory. But, in reality, many companies struggle to create a new mobile app. The reason is simple: they don’t know what their app should be about! There are a plethora of interesting app ideas that businesses take advantage of each day.

If you want to launch a new app for your brand soon, take a look at these six ideas for inspiration:


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1. Mobile website

There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to creating new mobile apps. One of the most obvious app ideas is to create a mobile version of your website. Now, you may be thinking that you’re just showing a browser window without its branding.

But, you can create a mobile app that enhances your website in many ways. For example, you could create an offline store finder tab within the app.

2. Tutorials

Let’s say that you sell physical products to your customers. It’s likely that some of those people will be new to what you’re selling. Or they could even be new to the concept surrounding your products.

Using the services of some app developers, you could create a feature-rich tutorial app. You could embed videos and guides that also work offline. That means the user won’t need to go online to see your content.

3. Offline catalog

Having a mobile version of your website available to your users is one thing. But, what if they want to see what you sell without going online? To address that problem, your business could offer an offline catalog of your products.


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4. Tourist Guide

Is your business in the travel industry? Perhaps you are a travel agency, for example? One brilliant idea is to create a tourist guide app for your target audience.

It could encompass all manner of features. For instance, you could recommend attractions and highlights in various cities. And you could even embed a translation tool so visitors can overcome language barriers.

5. Music guide

Entertainment promotions firms should consider building a music guide app. It doesn’t matter where people are in the world. There is bound to be some exciting and unique music events going on at any given time.

Here’s your chance to give users the low-down on where they should go dancing tonight! Plus, it’s a good way to boost your marketing services to venues and bands.

6. Loyalty card scheme

What’s the one thing that will get people to buy more stuff from you? Freebies, of course! It’s a well-known fact that free items can entice people to buy more products over a longer period. One way to achieve that goal is through an app-based loyalty card scheme.

For example, a cafe could offer a free coffee after every fifth visit. Or 50% lunchtime snacks on a Thursday for cardholders.

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